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Warning: some of this information contains sexual content. Not much, really, but I just thought I'd warn you now. The characters from Twokinds were originally written for a much darker comic called Flora's Secret, which took place during Flora's childhood. [see bottom]

Information about Keidrans

Keidrans are a race of cat-like and dog-like people who rely heavily on their instincts. The Keidran society is very different than that of the humans. When disagreements occur, it often leads to fights. Challenges can often be seen in town centers and bars. The Keidrans have no term for modesty in their language, and frequently walk around naked. Sex is also an open subject, and occasionally a couple can be seen mating in the open. Although marriage is still as sacred to the Keidrans as it is for the humans, Keidrans see no wrong in having sex with a different partner if their respective mate is not available.

All these things are not considered immoral or disgusting in any way to the Keidrans. They view these acts as common and ordinary. However, because of these differences humans are appalled by Keidran behavior. They look at the Keidrans as animalistic, which may actually be true. But because of this, humans also assume that Keidrans have no intelligence, and should not be considered a race, but a type of animal.


Twokinds takes place in a world called Mekkan, which contains within it's vast and ever changing landscapes three individual races: the humans, the cat-like Keidrans, and the long-eared and ill-fated Basitin. The first two, humans and Keidrans, have long been at war with one another. So long, in fact, that they don't really remember why. All they know is that they have a deep, trained fear and hatred for one another.

Although the Keidrans openly proclaim war on the humans, the human do not. To do so would be to admit that the Keidran where in fact intelligent beings. Instead, the Old Empire in the human government several hundred years ago decided to train all the children into thinking that the Keidran were simply very violent monsters to be feared. This propaganda has overtime created a cloud of illusion, to which humans see Keidran as animals.

About the same time, the human government created an class of people called "Templars", peace-keepers who's main job was to protect humans and kill any Keidran that they see. The most powerful of the Templars is the "Grand Templar," which is currently Trace Legacy. Trace Legacy is known around the world as one of the most influential persons ever born. He single-handedly killed thousands of Keidran, and helped make the humans the mightiest and most prosperous race on Mekkan.

The Basitin, or Third Race, is often thought of as a sub-race from the Keidrans. This often-made misunderstanding is triggered by the fact that the Basitin also have fur. But their society is very different from the Keidrans. They also think of the Keidrans as animals, because of their vast differences in culture. Basitin all look almost the same to someone whom is not Basitin, since they all have the same fur color and long ears. They are considered a warrior race, since every male child over the age of thirteen is trained to fight. Strict segregation is make between women and men, more so than the humans are. However, they are the least numerous race, and rarely seen or heard about.

About 6 months before the start of the story the Basitin race was completely wiped out in a massive slaughter. People are unsure how or why it had occurred, or which race was responsible. Now, only a few wandering Basitins are seen traveling through human towns. The human government believes that there are probably no more than one hundred survivors of the race, and that those few remaining will die out in mere years.

Character histories

Flora is a nine-year-old Keidran (16 in human years). She spent most of her life as a slave in the company of a rich dragonrider named Vincent Galhand. After nearly being sold to a whorehouse that used Keidrans to pleasure desperate men, Flora escaped from her masters and found her way back to the Keidran cities at the age of 8. After divulging valuable secrets about the humans that she learned from her master, she was made an important political figure in Keidran society. A year later she travels through human territory on a convoy to another city when they are ambushed. Left alone, she is almost killed by a human bounty hunter when she is rescued by Trace Legacy. And thus the story begins…